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 “GYNARCHY Illustrated” By Laurent Lebeau

                JUST RELEASED!!!!!!

What an awesome E-Book! The Illustrator and Artist Laurent Lebeau has created hundred and hundred artworks and illustrations for the Female supremacy world! This is a new way for Laurent to feature his work by mixing real hand made drawing with Photoshop! That giving more realistic the scenes… The subject? The Gynarchy… Laurent Lebeau went many times to O.W.K where he found his inspiration, he has exhibited his decorative art 5 times in this famous place!

O.W.K is becoming the supporter and the sponsor of that book project! Have a look on those few sample pages just below! The E-book is a 160 pages full of illustrations depicting the Female supremacy and the FemDom BDSM…

The E-book is pretty soon available for purchase as PDF or 3D E-book for 19€ only

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